Preparing the Best Answers for College Interview Questions

Not every college has an interview process for admissions. However, for those that do the college interview can play a significant role in gaining admission. You can use it to supplement poor test results, build upon an admissions essay, or simply add some personality to your application. With such high stakes on the interview process, it?s safe to say that you need to take time to prepare.

While most students will take the time to glance over common interview questions, many fail to prepare much further. It?s surprising how unprepared you can feel during your interview if you only have minimal answers or ideas put together. Interviews tend to make people nervous, which can lead to forgetting information, rushing through answers, or clamming up all together.

None of these are going to help you gain admission.

Remember, the college interview is an opportunity for admissions officers to get to know you and see if you would truly be a good fit for their school. They can only gain so much insight from your written application. The interview is your chance to truly sell yourself and show how you can contribute to their school.

In order to be fully prepared for a college interview, you need to come to the best possible answer for each type of question. One of the best ways to do this is through a process of brainstorming, outlining your answers, and practicing out loud. Not sure where to start?

Don?t worry! Based on these concepts, we?ve put together a few simple steps for you to work through in order to get prepped and ready to ace your college interview.